12th International Fischer Symposium

Electrochimica Acta Special Issue

A Special Issue gathering manuscripts corresponding to the work effectively presented at symposium is planned.
This issue will appear in Electrochimica Acta. Manuscripts should represent a rigorous scientific report of original research and will be peer-reviewed as a regular Article.

Important dates: The manuscript submission window for this issue will be from June 12, 2015 until September 13, 2015.

Instructions for manuscript preparation and submission

Special issue: This special issue, which will be published in Electrochimica Acta, is as a rule of this journal, restricted to contributors selected among the participants of the past IFS 2015.

The information below is therefore restricted to a list of participants with whom contact was taken at or just after the symposium.

Oher participants may submit their work as a regular paper to Electrochimica Acta using the on-line submission procedure. In that case, please log at web page : http://ees.elsevier.com/electacta/default.asp

1) Manuscript preparation for the special issue only:

Your MS must represent an original work since the work will be peer reviewed as any regular EA papers. The content of your MS must be in relation with your presentation at the past IFS 2015. Pay also attention that the content should match, as much as possible with the guide to authors (see below). To help the editor, please provide in your cover letter a list of 5 potential reviewers (name + address or preferably website and email). Names should be worldwide.

Guide to authors:
Contributions will only be considered for publication in Electrochimica Acta if they are likely to be of interest to readers and subscribers of the journal and comply with the ethical guidelines for journal publication. All manuscripts are screened by the editors, who check that the content and primary themes of manuscripts fall within the remit of the journal. Manuscripts whose content lies outside the remit of the journal will be declined without being sent for review. In particular, papers reporting experimental data without adequate interpretation are not acceptable. Papers devoted to applications of well-established techniques to technical problems are as a rule not accepted. A low scientific level of the work or insufficient clarity of language can also be a reason for rejection at first sight if this places the manuscript below an acceptable level of clarity. Detailed descriptions of apparatus etc. should only be given if such apparatus is new. Papers are expected to contain mechanistic analysis relevant to electrochemistry. The use of an electrochemical technique does not necessarily turn an otherwise non-electrochemical subject into an electrochemical piece of work. Contributions deemed within the remit of the journal will be accepted for publication only on the recommendation of referees. Primary criteria in the selection of manuscripts for publication are originality and the significance of the outcomes

2) Submission period ends September 13, 2015

3) Submission procedure: